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Marriott International Luxury Brands | MILUX

table decorations


Marriott International Luxury Brands invited top-tier UK journalists to attend a Luxury Luncheon at Sucre Restaurant in London. The highly anticipated event marked the first in two-years, following a break during COVID.

The tablescapes represented 13 of the new properties and the cities of residence. Lit from inside by LED they were a beautiful way to bring the Collection to life and were gifted to press and executives.

With sustainability a highlighted feature, all floral design was everlasting, with bespoke wreaths gifted to guests on departure.


The paper used for the table pieces was GF Smith Accent Antique, which is made from 100% post consumer waste, acid-free and FSC certified.

It's matt appearance and delicate natural texture gave the luxury touch to the project.
The construction of the pieces was made using fittings, like in the structural packaging, to reduce the use of permanent glues. The pieces were gifted to the guests to keep, but also can be easily break down for an appropriate disposal in the future.

Client: Marriott International Luxury Brands | MILUX

Event: Luncheon • Sucre Restaurant • London, UK

Concept & Production: Perfect Cartel

Photos: Ming Tang-Evans


All the table decorations were remade for another event, this time in New York, USA.
The client also asked to add two more locations: Portland, USA and St Regis Kanai, Mexico.


Client: Marriott International Luxury Brands | MILUX

Event: Luncheon • The Ritz-Carlton New York, NoMad • USA

Production: Alejandra Sacasa

Photos: Andre Maier

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