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Google Bloks

Stop motion animation

Commissioned by Google Creative Labs, this stop motion animation was created for online use on the Project Bloks website to illustrate the functionality of Project Blocks.

Project Bloks has emerged from a research discipline called “tangible programming” that has been around since the 1970s, aiming to make code physical so that more people – children included – can get to grips with it.

Using a multi plain animation technique we could slide the objects in different levels creating a very smooth and tactile feel.

For more details read this article by The Guardian.

Production Company: Film Club Productions
Directed by: Saulo Jamariqueli, Jaime Kiss
Producer: Sue Loughlin, Callum Reid
Director Of Photography: Anthony Farquhar-Smith
Animation: Anthony Farquhar-Smith, Jess Deacon
Art Department: Jess Deacon, Cintia Bertaccini
3D visualisations: Saulo Jamariquelli
Post Production: Saulo Jamariquelli
Color Grading: Danny Atkinson

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