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Colorplan World Map


Nearly Normal created a World Map using the Colorplan paper range, from G.F.Smith, where their entire array of colours and possibilities could be experienced.

Inspired by Johannes Kepler’s map and Leonard Da Vinci’s vision studies, the paper eyes are the starting point of all things. The eye is the filter through which we understand and see the world. Each being in the universe has a way of seeing and interpreting things, as each eye on our paper exploration has many different shades and a unique combination of colours.

Just like the mesmerising lure of the new world, the eyes invite the viewers to delve beyond everyday experiences and to delight themselves in the fantastical paper oceans, skies, outer space and cities. The elements that inhabit these landscapes are also fitted with eyes that are eager to explore and consume the colours of a brand new world.

Client: G.F. Smith
Conception & Creative Direction: Jaime Kiss & Saulo Jamariquelli

Design & Paper Craft: Cintia Bertaccini
Photos: Saulo Jamariquelli

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