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The wolf I used to be

Stop motion animation

An independent short film created and produced by Nearly Normal Studios.

Production & Direction: Saulo Jamariqueli & Jaime Kiss
Storyboarding: Clayton Junior
Character Design: Clayton Junior, Cintia Bertaccini
Art Department / Paper Engineering: Cintia Bertaccini, Jess Deacon, Jaime Kiss, Saulo Jamariqueli, Elias Torres, Noam Levy, Alessandro Cipolat, Hettie Griffiths, Clayton Junior
Animators: Jaime Kiss, Saulo Jamariqueli, Alessandro Cipolat, Jess Deacon, Hettie Griffiths, Noam Levy, Elias Torres
Assistants: Pedro Meade, Tanmhiz Fatimah, Laura Verstappen
Colourist: Susumu Asano
Musicians: Luca Sammuri, Saulo Jamariqueli, Derik Yau

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